January Events At Austrian Cultural Forum, Including Panel Discussions, Film Screening, Art Installation, More

Dear Friends of the Austrian Cultural Forum New York!  The Team of the ACFNY wishes you the very best for 2023!

A new year means new beginnings and a fresh start. That applies also to our cultural program! We have fantastic events lined up for you throughout the year and we can’t wait to tell you more.

But step by step. Let’s start with January, shall we?

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Image Credit: University of New Orleans Press

Image Credit: University of New Orleans Press, Austrian Cultural Forum

book presentation and panel discussion

Daniel Aschheim “Kreisky, Israel and Jewish Identity”

The Israeli Diplomat and author Daniel Aschheim will present his book “Kreisky, Isreal and Jewish Identity”.  The book is about the former Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky, the first and only Jewish leader of Austria. It explores his relationship with his Jewish identity, the Austrian “victim theory”, the state of Israel, the Arab-Israeli Conflict and Terrorism, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the United States.

After the book presentation there will be a panel discussion with Daniel Aschheim and the Austrian Philosopher and Germanist Thomas Wallerberger who is also a PhD candidate in the German Department at Rutgers University. Wallerberger’s research interests include the literature of the 1920s and 1930s, political theory, 20th century philosophy, and migration and exile topics with a focus on Jewish exile.

More information on the event is coming soon on our webpage.
January 25 | 7 PM | Theater of the ACFNY | Free admission, RSVP required
Image Credits: David Plakke

Image Credits: David Plakke, Austrian Cultural Forum

ongoing exhibition 

The Life Story of Cornelius Johnson’s Olympic Oak and Other Matters of Survival | Christian Kosmas Mayer

Christian Kosmas Mayer´s work is rooted in thorough historical and contemporary research and Cornelius Johnson’s Olympic Oak is the artistic inspiration for his installation at the ACFNY. His approach allows us to experience the different meanings that the Oak has acquired over the course of its life. Once misused by the Nazis as a symbol of nationalist hegemony, today it seems to represent the polar opposite of what the Nazis once hoped for in the future. In the heart of Los Angeles’ most multicultural neighborhoods, surrounded by plants and people from diverse geographic and cultural backgrounds, it has grown into a healthy and majestic tree with many stories to tell.

This exhibition is part of the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs’ flagship cultural project “On the Road Again”: a series of 24 exhibitions that are shown in 23 cities at Austrian Cultural Forums around the world in 2022. In spring 2023, they will be presented in a joint group exhibition at the ViennaKünstlerhaus.

Stop by the ACFNY and get inspired by this fascinating installation. Only 8 more days.

Image Credit: Jewish Museum

Image Credit: Jewish Museum

film screening and film festival
ACFNY supported | The Movie SCHÄCHTEN – A RETRIBUTION at the New York Jewish Film FestivalThe Jewish Museum and Film at Lincoln Center will present the 32nd annual New York Jewish Film Festival (NYJFF) from January 12 through 23, 2023. Among the oldest and most influential Jewish film festivals worldwide, NYJFF presents the finest documentary, narrative, and short films from around the world that explore the Jewish experience.

One of the movies presented during the Festival is “Schächten – A Retribution” by Austrian filmmaker Thomas Roth.

About “Schächten – A Retribution”
This dynamic, lavishly mounted historical drama about the scars of war and the long road to revenge explores the lives of Austrian Jews in the years following World War II and the legacies of anti-Semitism and racism that follow them. Set in Vienna in the 1960s, Schächten follows a young Jewish businessman named Victor who bears witness to an unthinkable miscarriage of justice: the acquittal of an SS commandant who oversaw the murder of Victor’s mother, sister, and grandparents when he was a child. As a result, Victor loses faith in the ability of the legal system to mete out proper punishment and vows instead to take the law into his own hands. Thomas Roth’s film sensitively handles difficult subject matter and builds to a haunting conclusion.

To view the rest of the calendar of events, please click here. 
Banner Image: New Year 2023. Image Credit – BoliviaInteligente

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