A Real Life Tom & Jerry Situation Presented By Curtis Sliwa, Guardian Angels, To Mayor Eric Adams

BROOKLYN, NY: Mayor ERIC ADAMS, for the second time, has been hit with a new round of tickets for having rats at his building in Brooklyn. He is frustrated because he has tried everything to remedy the situation. Everything except Feral Cats.

During the Mayoral campaign, everyone became familiar with the fact that Adam’s opponent Curtis SLIWA and his wife rescue cats from the animal shelters before they are euthanized and manage Feral Cat colonies
in Brooklyn.

The SLIWAS went to Eric Adam’s building on Wednesday, Jan 4, at 2:30 PM and offered to organize a Feral Cat colony for  Adam’s building and his neighbors on the block.

Rat babies. Image Credit - Dave Alexander

Rat babies. Image Credit – Dave Alexander

Mayor Adams said the following with respect to the rat problem:

Question: Let’s talk rats.

Mayor Adams: Yes. Hate them…Well first of all, I hope [Mr. Sliwa] leaves some of the cats on the block, because whatever it takes, I would rather see a cat than a rat any day.

Second, this is not a new summons. When I went to speak to get the old summons dismissed, that summons was issued the day after I went to testify.

So I’m going to do like every New Yorker, I’m going to go back to court, show all my evidence. I spent $7,000 to do rat mitigation. You have to be really scared of rats to spend $7,000. $7,000. And still spending money to do so. We have a rat problem in the city. Who are we kidding?

Rat. Image Credit - Joshua J. Cotten

Rat. Image Credit – Joshua J. Cotten

And we’re going to continue, we have a couple of great programs we’re doing that we will be rolling out. We’re testing them now. My mission, as Jessica Tisch states, “Rats don’t run the city.”

And so I’m going to go fight the summons, bring my evidence, as any New Yorkers. I encourage any New Yorker who believes they were unjustly issued a summons to do so.

I have a camera at the house, and I looked back on that date. My yard is clean. My garbage is in containers. I go there, I sweep up. My place is clean. I know I contribute to making sure we deal with the rat issue.
And I encourage any New Yorker, you get a summons, you feel it was done unjustly, go and fight it. And that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to follow the process.

Question: Will some of that video be part of your evidence you’re going to take? What is your evidence?

Mayor Adams: Yeah, I have a couple of exhibits. I’m looking forward to be the chocolate Perry Mason when I go into court to plead my case. I think I have some good evidence that I’m going to put in front of the court, and show that I do a good job.

I know my place has to be clean, because people are always out there snooping. My yard is clean, the garbage is where it’s supposed to be. I have containers. So, I’ll go present the case and let the judge decide.



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As far as the question about Curtis Sliwa’s offer:

Question: Curtis was saying earlier that he can be your rat czar for free, so I’m wondering if you’re going to take them up on that offer? And then secondly, if you can just elaborate a little bit on what you just said to the previous question about the summons. Your yard is clean, the trash is in bins, the inspector said that’s not accurate. So do you think someone at the Department of Health is messing with you, issuing summons that have already been cleared? What do you think is going on?

Mayor Adams: Well, first Curtis, yes, I will take him up on his offer. If he says he would be my rat czar for free, I’m going to call him, and I would like for him to come on board to do it. Don’t put it out there if you’re not willing to live up to. If you’re going to write a check, make sure you can cash it. So, yes, tell Curtis, come to be my rat czar. Okay? And he’s going to realize this is not a Tom and Jerry playful commercial here, this is real stuff. And so, yes, I look forward to him. I will make sure… Dawn, can we bring him on board? He can be part of our internship program, because I know he’s probably been looking for a job since he lost the job that he was trying to get. So, yes, thank you very much for giving me that information.

Curtis Sliwa with cat, Hercules. Image Credit - Guardian Angels.

Curtis Sliwa with cat, Hercules. Image Credit – Guardian Angels.

And no, I don’t think someone from DOHMH is targeting me. I don’t think that at all. Anytime a New Yorker believes they are issued a summons that they feel was incorrectly issued, they have a right to do so. My yard is clean. And the beauty is, as I’ve alluded to, I’m fortunate enough to have a camera that I can show the picture of that date of what was in my yard, and my recyclables, they were in a bag like they’re supposed to be, not at the curb, but in a bag, in a plastic see-through bag, and my trash was in a bin. My house is well kept. I’m a neat freak. I’m a Virgo. We like neat things. Okay, thank you.

Here is Curtis Sliwa discussing the effectiveness of a feral cat colony in controlling rat populations:

Why is managing a colony important?

A colony is a managed group of feral cats.  A colony is managed by a “caretaker” – a dedicated individual who spays/neuters the cats, feeds them daily and provides shelter for inclement weather.  Colonies serve many important functions:

  • Cats are a great way of keeping rat and mice populations in check; just the scent of cats increase stress levels in rodents to the point of infertility.  This alleviates the need for rodent repellants which are highly toxic to both humans & the environment.  In New York City, the Javitz Center employs feral cats to control the rodent population.   In Chicago the Cats at Work program has proven to be 100% effective at repelling rodents!   In Paris, into which rats carried the Bubonic plague that claimed 1/3 of the population in the 19th  century, the city is again being overrun by rats. Toxic chemicals once used to stifle growth are no longer permitted.  And in cities throughout the United States, rats are out of control!
  • Colony caretakers are responsible for getting cats spayed & neutered.  This keeps populations stable, and ferals out of shelters, where they disproportionally get euthanized.
  • Caring for colony cats is also a way to teach children empathy toward living creatures, particularly a problem for children whose parents are from 3rd world countries where animals are viewed more akin to property.  This program helps children appreciate that all lives are to be respected.

Banner Image: Tom and Jerry. Image Credit – Mohamed Hassan Joshua J. Cotten

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