Opinion: Federal, Local Regulators Considering Banning Gas Stoves To Accelerate Move Away From Fossil Fuels, Toward More Sustainable, Less Pollution-Emitting Appliances

Unelected government employees have no legal right to regulate our lives. In addition most of these regulators are compromised. They receive funding from corporations and foundations run by people who have a general disdain for humanity.
One only has to look at who supports the CDC Foundation to know there is no “science”, it’s all about profit and destruction of the Constitutional rights so many millions have fought on the streets of this nation to uphold.
This Mr. Levy is spewing the nonsense of the World Economic Forum. One only has to read their perverse propaganda and watch their equally disturbing YouTube channel. He can put up all the fancy graphics he wants. He’s a liar who is being paid to betray America. That’s treason!
Before publishing any scientific work it would behoove the editors to look at “scientist” published papers and who the scientist of receiving funding from.
Many of America’s ivy leagues have a pass/fail system, meaning many ignoramus sociopaths who have the money to pay the tuition and/or their parents donate to the school are getting degrees.
George W. Bush, is the poster child for this collegiate scam system!


This article represents the views and opinions of the author only, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Staten Islander News Organization Staff 

Banner Image: World Economic Forum graphic. Image Credit –  Evangeline Shaw

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