Exclusive Interview With Sam Pirozzolo, NYS Assemblymember for the 63rd District



Assemblyman Sam Pirozzolo was elected to the 63rd District in the New York State Assembly.

The topics of the interview  ranged widely, from the battery storage facility in Our Lady of Pity’s parking lot, which has now been withdrawn while they seek a new location, to Asm. Pirozzolo’s push for a law to guarantee that there are only no-kill pet shelters in New York State, potentially saving the lives of tens of thousands of animals.

Other topics of the interview included his views on bail reform, education advocacy, elimination of the CEMA application fee on refinanced homes in New York, and other issues that are important to Asm. Pirozzolo, which he will be working to address in Albany.

Banner Image: Sam Pirozzolo in his office.  Image Credit – Staten Islander News Organization



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  • Avatar judy says:

    Great interview loved the dog at the end!

  • Avatar Staten Island Conservative Party says:

    The Staten Island Conservative Party is extremely proud to have played a substantial role in the election of our friend Sam Pirozzolo to the State Assembly and we have every confidence that Staten Island will benefit from his public service in the state legislature. We also commend the Staten Islander for publishing this interview and for its continued contributions to fair and balanced journalism.

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