NY City Council Releases Joint Statement On Administrative Code Changes To Preserve Health Care Choice For Retirees


Editor’s Note: This joint statement is the most recent statement provided by the City Council on this matter, but there have been a number of new developments.  An announcement by Chair De la Rosa is being awaited.  For more up-to-date information than this release provides, please view our article about the interview with Marianne Pizzitola, or watch the accompanying video on Youtube, with more current information.

Joint Statement by Speaker Adams & Civil Service and Labor Committee Chair De La Rosa on Council Holding a Hearing to Consider Legislation Amending Administrative Code to Preserve Health Care Choice for Retirees

“Given that the Administration and the Municipal Labor Committee are moving forward to implement Medicare Advantage in alignment with the courts and arbitrator’s decisions, the Council is formally considering legislation to preserve retirees’ choice of health insurance rather than have them automatically enrolled in Medicare Advantage as the sole plan on January 29. We are deeply concerned with the challenges in our health care program for municipal retirees and employees.

“While many of the underlying problems that created this situation require comprehensive solutions from all levels of government, the City must confront this dilemma to the maximum extent possible within its own authority. This must include support for low-income retirees to truly access choice in their healthcare coverage, reigning in the runaway costs of care that created this crisis, and guaranteeing an insurance program that benefits all of our dedicated public servants.

“The Council will consider the proposed legislation to preserve healthcare coverage choice for retirees at a Civil Service and Labor Committee hearing next week that is open to the public and all stakeholders. We are working to examine the major outstanding questions, the details of the Medicare Advantage plan that is moving forward regardless of any potential Council action, and how the City fulfills its health care commitments to all employees and retirees.”

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  • Avatar Dingle Kringle says:

    The City Council is full of s***. They are out to serve their own interests, and this can only work by fooling everyone. I just came from watching the interview with that lady from the union org (forgive my memory but I am not a kid anymore! Well, at heart…) that The Staten Islander had up on You Tube. Very interesting. I can’t wait for the new statement. I want to see what bulls*** they come up with this time.

    Oh, and, for the record, I was a NYC worker and also a union member. That was years ago. I’ve retired from those activities and now pursue other things to take up my time besides trying to teach kids how to sit and learn.

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