Deadline Today For Food Pantries Across Staten Island To Submit Their Survey On Total Number Of Clients Needing Assistance, Pre-, Post-COVID


Survey: Numbers Needed for the Legislative Forum

As we discussed at the January meeting (notes to come), the Task Force wants to collect the total number of clients at all of Staten Island’s pantries. This number will help Food for All make the point to our legislators that there is a serious need here—for more food from the USDA, more SNAP dollars, and more NY State and City funds.

Please fill in the survey in whatever way is easiest for you—numbers of children, adults, and seniors, or just numbers of clients.

If you have the numbers handy, it would be helpful to have your 2021 numbers and your pre-COVID numbers (2019). For example, City Harvest says that their numbers now are a bit lower than the COVID numbers but 65% higher than their 2019 numbers. We are NOT getting back to normal, whatever normal is.

The Task Force will publish the overall number for 2022 on the forum slides and also the website. Note that this number is often helpful when writing grant proposals and it’s certainly helpful for showing what Staten Island needs.

Click here to open the survey ( Deadline is end of day on February 1, 2023.

Banner Image: Food pantry. Image Credit – Joel Muniz


SI Hunger Task Force

The SI Hunger Task Force is not a pantry. Instead, we connect community members to pantries and pantries to community and government resources.

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