CCRB Announces Appointment Of Two New Board Members, Both Decorated Former Officers With Experience That Will Help CCRB


NEW YORK – The New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) announced the appointment of Charlane Brown and Joseph Fox to the board. Brown and Fox were both designated by Police Commissioner Sewell and approved by Mayor Adams. 

Charlane Brown is a lifelong New Yorker, born and raised in Queens. Following in her father’s footsteps, she joined the NYPD in 1986 and served the people of New York for 26 years. While serving as a police officer, Ms. Brown obtained a law degree from New York Law School and rose up the ranks in the police department, eventually becoming one of the NYPD’s first African American woman to serve as a Captain and Deputy Inspector. Among other things, she is an expert in internal investigations, police community relations, and equal employment opportunity laws. Since retiring from the NYPD, Ms. Brown has continued to practice law and is a professor of criminal justice and law enforcement at Berkley College. 

Joe Fox was similarly inspired by his father’s career in the NYPD and wanted to continue his family’s tradition of public service. Mr. Fox joined the NYPD in 1981, serving 36 years, rising to a three-star Chief. Mr. Fox spent the last six years of his career in the NYPD as Chief of the Transit Bureau and invested much of his time in personal and professional development of younger officers as well as strengthening police community relationships throughout the CitySince retiring from the department, Joe joined Silverseal Security as the Chief of Staff and travels the country as an executive coach, life coach, and leadership trainer.  

“Public safety and justice are the prerequisites to prosperity, and the Civilian Complaint Review Board plays a vital role in ensuring we have a safer, more just city,” said New York City Mayor Eric Adams. “Charlane Brown and Joe Fox have both spent decades serving this city, and have generously offered to return to civil service as members of the CCRB. With these two appointments, I am confident the CCRB will be able to continue serving New Yorkers every single day.” 


“The Civilian Complaint Review Board plays an important role in the public oversight of the New York City Police Department,” said NYPD Commissioner Keechant L. Sewell. “Joseph Fox and Charlane Brown are both highly skilled, dedicated professionals who are deeply committed to the people we all serve. With these new appointments, the CCRB is even better positioned to fulfill its mission.” 


“The CCRB is pleased to welcome two new board members to our ranks,” said Interim Chair Arva Rice. “Both Ms. Brown and Mr. Fox have extensive experience in law enforcement and are experts on police community relations as well as internal investigations and officer accountability. They have dedicated their careers to civil service and I look forward to working with them to continue making New York City safer for everyone.” 

As a born and raised New Yorker, serving this City has been my lifelong passion,” said Charlane Brown. Joining the Civilian Complaint Review Board is the perfect opportunity for me to utilize all the skills I have acquired throughout my life, as an officer, a lawyer, a professor, a New Yorker and someone who has raised young boys of color in this great city. I want to thank Commissioner Sewell and Mayor Adams for once again giving me the opportunity to serve the people of New York.” 

42 years ago, I was sworn into the NYPD and I have continued to commit myself every day to justice, civility, and fairness for the people of New York City,” said Joe Fox. “I am honored to bring that commitment and passion to the Civilian Complaint Review Board. I thank Mayor Eric Adams and Commissioner Keechant Sewell for their confidence in me, and I look forward to serving this City once again.” 


About the New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board. 

The CCRB is an independent agency that is empowered to receive, investigate, mediate, hear, make findings, and recommend action on complaints against New York City police officers alleging the use of excessive or unnecessary force, abuse of authority, discourtesy, or the use of offensive language. The Board’s investigative staff, composed entirely of civilian employees, conducts investigations in an impartial fashion. The Board has 15 members who must all live in the city and reflect the diversity of the city. This 15-member Board governs the CCRB, with five seats appointed by the Mayor, five appointed by the NYC City Council, three designated by the Police Commissioner and appointed by the Mayor, one appointed by the Public Advocate, and the Chair, who is jointly appointed by the Mayor and City Council Speaker. No member of the board may have a law enforcement background, other than those designated by the police commissioner, and none may be public employees or serve in public office. 

Banner Image: Joe Fox and Charlane Brown. Image Credits – Joe Fox and Berkeley College


Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB)

The Civilian Complaint Review Board is an independent oversight agency that investigates, mediates and prosecutes complaints of NYPD misconduct.

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