Learn About Van Hailin’, NYC TLC’s Mobile Outreach Unit Providing Services To For-Hire Vehicle Drivers


TLC Begins Touring With Van Hailin’

New Mobile Outreach Unit Makes Doing Business With the City Easier for Drivers

Queens, NY – The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) has officially hit the road with Van Hailin’—a new mobile outreach vehicle designed to make it easier for the city’s 103,000 for-hire drivers to conduct business with the TLC. The 20-foot Sprinter van, a pilot program inspired by Mayor Eric Adams’s initiative to improve customer service, will be visiting all five boroughs and allow drivers to perform a variety of transactions that would otherwise require them to visit TLC’s offices in Long Island City.

“Van Hailin’, ‘You Really Got Me’ with your innovative way of doing business and meeting drivers where they are,” said New York City Mayor Eric Adams. “This is the perfect example of using our city resources to make life easier for our hardest working New Yorkers and getting them ‘Unchained’ from the bureaucratic process. I’m thrilled to see this van rockin’ and rollin’ along our city streets, bringing support to the drivers who keep our city moving every day.”

“TLC might not be ‘Dancing in the Street’ but it is certainly meeting its licensees in their communities, which is on our streets,” said Deputy Mayor of Operations Meera Joshi. “We know that drivers are interested in a mobile service because they showed overwhelming support for it during a survey prior to its creation. One could say they ‘Jump’-ed at the chance. The dedicated TLC staff on board will assist drivers, saving them time, which is money. No wonder ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’”

“Our hardworking drivers are constantly on the move, which can sometimes make getting to our offices and taking care of routine TLC business challenging,” said TLC Commissioner David Do. “The beauty of Van Hailin’ is that it will be showing up in neighborhoods where drivers are working and living. Drivers can check the van’s scheduled stops on our website and social media platforms, then rendezvous with it. This is part of our ongoing efforts to support our drivers.”

The van, which features an office inside, will be staffed by representatives from TLC’s Licensing, External Affairs, and Prosecution Units, and will be accompanied by a mobile lab where drivers can submit their annual required drugs tests. It will initially be deployed once a month, and a full list of services the van currently offers is available online at TLC’s website.

Van Hailin’s first stop: The headquarters of NYC City Council Transportation Committee Chair Selvena Brooks-Powers, in Laurelton, where over 80 drivers had already signed up for visits.

“It’s an honor to be hosting Van Hailin’s tour launch right here in Southeast Queens,” said Council Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chair Selvena Brooks-Powers. “Our drivers have done so much in recent years to support the City. They drove all over the City providing critical pandemic support, and driving this Mobile Support Unit to them is a great way to improve their access to TLC services.”

“Van Hailin will shred bureaucracy even better than Eddie Van Halen shredded the guitar,” said Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr. “It will do so by bringing TLC services directly to drivers, allowing them to spend more time serving customers and earning the money they need to support their families. For-hire drivers in Queens and throughout the city should ‘Jump’ at the chance to take advantage of this fantastic new program.”

“For the drivers who are always meeting us where we are, I’m so glad that the City is returning the love with TLC’s Van Hailin’ mobile outreach vehicle,” said Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso. “The TLC is bringing essential services – like TLC’s Licensing and External Affairs units – to the drivers who spend all day crisscrossing New York and carrying New Yorkers safely to wherever they need to go. Thank you to TLC Commissioner David Do for championing this effort to provide ease and relief to drivers everywhere.”

“The TLC’s new customer service van will help meet the needs of for-hire drivers literally where they are,” said Council Member Gale A. Brewer. “It’s a win-win for the 100,000+ driver community and the TLC.”

“Access to city services is a hallmark of a well-functioning city government. Therefore, I applaud the TLC for their innovation Van Hailin’ program which will allow our city’s busy and on the move for-hire drivers the ability to conduct business with the TLC in convenient locations across the five boroughs,” said Council Member Mercedes Narcisse.

“With taxi and medallion owners constantly being on the go keeping our communities moving, the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission is making sure that drivers have access to all the resources necessary to conduct business in our city,” said Council Member Linda Lee. “Van Hailin’ will provide the support needed for divers across the city to help them with licensing inquiries, paying summonses, and so much more. Thank you to NYC TLC Commissioner David Do for prioritizing unique ways to accommodate our city’s medallion owners.”

“Meeting the community where they are at is an essential practice for true and successful community work,” said Council Member Amanda Farias. “This is exactly what the TLC will achieve with their new mobile outreach unit, making them much more accessible to the over 100,000 for-hire drivers who rely on the services they provide. Thank you to the Taxi Limousine Commission for your leadership and advocacy. I look forward to seeing the ‘Van Hailin’ in action.”

“Our taxi and rideshare drivers are always on the go, and TLC’s new mobile outreach unit will allow them to access essential services wherever they are. With the Van Hailin’ truck, drivers can get on-the-go services like licensing inquiries and help with TLC Up, adding more convenience when drivers can’t get to the TLC office in Long Island City,” said Council Member Julie Won. “I’m excited for the launch of this new mobile unit and can’t wait to see it in our district!”

Banner Image: Van Hailin’ Van Image. Image Credit – NYC TLC


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