Electric Vehicle Licenses For For-Hire Vehicles (Taxis, Uber, Lyft…) Filled Up In Under 2 Minutes, With Over 100K Applying



As , Taxi & Limousine Commission issued 600 electric vehicle licenses to for-hire drivers. The demand was unprecedented, and shows that drivers want to do their part in helping the environment, and many perceive that electric vehicles are the most environmentally sound choice currently available.

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission is proud to share that the 400 for-hire electric vehicle licenses made available online this morning were filled in under 2 minutes, mirroring the unprecedented demand for the 600 EV licenses that TLC opened to drivers on March 15.

“A thousand EV licenses were successfully filled this month, and more than 100,000 applied for the wait list,” said TLC Commissioner David Do. “The continuing demand is sending a very clear message that people want more TLC EV licenses. This will inform how we assess the release of future licenses. It is a very encouraging sign that the 100% electrification initiative that Mayor Adams announced in his State of the City address is being embraced by the for-hire vehicle industry.”

Out of the 1,000 licenses, the overwhelming majority—826—went to individuals. The remaining 174 were registered under business entities.

The 1,000 licenses released this month are part of the Mayor Eric Adams Administration’s effort to spur development of the city’s electric charging infrastructure and support a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Banner Image: Yellow cab in NYC. Image Credit – Kai Pilger


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