Starbucks Charges Extra For Animal-Friendly Vegan Milks, So PETA Will Gather Outside Starbucks Tomorrow At Empire State Building To Give Customers Free RISE Brewing Co. Oat Milk Lattes


Free Coffee! PETA ‘Cows’ to Hijack Starbucks Customers in Surcharge War

As part of a national day of action targeting Starbucks for charging extra for animal-friendly, emissions-slashing vegan milks, PETA supporters wearing cow masks will gather outside the Empire State Building—home to the chain’s three-story restaurant, bar, and café—on Wednesday to intercept would-be customers with free RISE Brewing Co. oat milk lattes. The push for passersby to avoid the coffee chain comes after nearly 150,000 PETA supporters asked the company to end its vegan upcharge and after Starbucks admitted that nondairy milks are better for the planet.

PETA demonstration at Starbucks at the Empire State Building

“Starbucks is counting its beans when it should be counting the number of customers it will lose if it doesn’t end the vegan milk upcharge,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “People who choose to drink responsibly for the sake of animals or their own health or because they know that dairy farming is fueling the climate catastrophe are angry with the company for placing profits above ethics.”


PETA demonstration at Starbucks at the Empire State Building

PETA has also held vegan coffee drink giveaways outside Starbucks locations in Boston, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and numerous other cities.

PETA demonstration at Starbucks at the Empire State Building

This event will be outside the Starbucks Reserve at the Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Ave. (at the southwest corner of the intersection with 34th Street), New York, on Wednesday, April 12, at 12 noon

PETA demonstration at Starbucks at the Empire State Building

Banner and All Images: Protest At Starbucks In NYC With Free Coffee. All Images Credit – PETA


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