Staten Island Hunger Task Force Releases Announcements, Meeting Minutes For March, Updates To Membership


Governance Information to Consider for May Meeting & Link to April Meeting Video

Article IV. Membership

Section 1. Eligibility and Categories.

Any organization interested in reducing hunger and food insecurity on Staten Island may become a member of SIHTF.

Eligible voting members are representatives (delegates) of emergency food providers, which include stationary food pantries, home-delivered meal services, community/congregate meal providers, and mobile food pantries, on Staten Island.

Allies (non-voting members) include:

  • Health organizations that address food insecurity as one of the social determinants of health.
  • Food businesses that donate extra or leftover food to emergency food providers or that are required by law to do so.
  • Individuals with an interest in food rescue and distribution.
  • Government officials and employees.
  • Funders.
  • Membership categories and terms shall be set and reviewed as needed by the Board.

    Section 2. Voting.

    Representatives of any organization wishing to have membership must fill in a membership form and deliver it to the SIHTF secretary (via an online survey, email, or mail). The form must show the delegate and alternate representatives as well contact information, best method for contact, the submitter, the type of emergency food provider, and any other information that the executive committee requires. New members will be approved by the executive committee.

    Any organization holding membership shall have one (1) vote, to be exercised by the official delegate or alternate whom the organization has designated in writing. New members are recorded in the SIHTF membership database.

    Section 3. Termination of Voting Memberships.

    Voting memberships are not transferable. The executive committee may expel any member for actions inconsistent with SIHTF’s aims and objectives. The member shall be given at least twenty-four (24) hours’ notice of the proposed action by the executive committee to expel the member, with a statement of the reasons for the proposed expulsion, and may appear at the executive committee meeting at which action is proposed to be taken, to explain his or her actions.

    Minutes from March 2023 Meeting

    Minutes March 2023 Meeting

    Minutes for the February 2023 meeting: Moved by Heather Butts and seconded by Chris Dowling. Approved

    Data Committee presented on the data charts for the meals and numbers of people served

    25% of programs responded

    Meals: 7,635,301 based on 9 meals per person (conservative estimate)

    Data Committee will do a training for food pantries on how to collect data.

    Comptrollers Office: Reuben Sibri

    Briefly discussed the Comptrollers Report 1 in 10 households in NYC are food insecure. Approximately 800,000 households,

    DISCUSSION ON MEMBERSHIP: led by Chris and Susan


    1) What have members?

    Why have members
    To vote on leadership

    Legislation action and agenda

    Special projects

    2) Eligibility

    People who come to meetings now:

    a. Pantry/soup kitchens reps

    b. Health workers and organizations.

    c. Food businesses

    d. Government agencies and officials

    3) Eligibility

    Can individuals be members or do members always represent organizations?

    Is there a class of no voting members?

    4) Membership Criteria?

    Sign a membership form?

    Pay dues?

    Attend X number of meetings a year?

    What kinds of organizations can be members? Schools, health orgs, food businesses, government agencies (eg, Dept of Sanitation)

    Can individuals be members or do members represent an organizations

    Is there a class of non voting members

    Such as government entites, foundations?

    Membership Criteria

    Do members sign a form?

    Pay dues?

    Attend how many meetings a year to maintain membership?

    Chris facilitated discussion

    Donna: consider creating a board

    Alex: stay as it is advocacy aorganiont

    Hate to add requirements

    Need it to be open so people can be at the table and be heard

    Would not want to make it closed off

    Eg of the organization “Rountable” fought for food pantry workers to be declared frontline workers during COVID and have access to vaccines.

    Task force is at its best and strongest when all stakeholders are at one place

    Mike Matthews – SI PPS Director of Veteran’s program

    Dealing with 200 food deliveries a month to food insecure veterans.

    Food businesses are more of a support

    Laura Jean Watters

    It is conflict of interest for the foundation to vote to affect policy while considering funding groups in the task force

    Need to be careful using the collective impact word.

    CI requires a backbone organization

    Common agenda

    Tracking deliverables over time

    Producing considerable measurable outcomes

    Task Force is a collaboration, not a collective impact entity.

    Alex: what sources of funding are out there

    He expressed fundamental concern for him if we move this group to become a mini-City Harvest or Food Bank.

    That is a shift away from what we do now

    Would we taek away $ from the pantries

    TT pantries need infrastructure money not just food

    Need transportation money, electricity…when we end up competing for grants as a SI Hunger Task Force e will end up those who compete with foundations who fund pantries.

    Susan: the task force could get a van to share with pantries or share warehouse space

    Or write grants to get pantries staffing.

    Alex: How do w get pantries to the table? Who has skin in the game?

    Joe Tornello:: membership should be with organizations not individuals

    Want continuity of organizations not the name of a single organization.

    WE need involvement so that each of o fus knows what the other is doing and so that we know what we are doing as a whole.

    WE represent everyone in the network.

    We know where to refer people within our network


    Chris asks for a straw poll: number of hands: how many people think voting membership should be institutions

    13 raised their hands. Majority of people present.

    Next meeting: We will hear from School Based Pantry Services

    Alex: reported PH pantry is moving to a new space on Canal St. Maybe we can meet in PH new pantry space in the near future.

    Banner Image: Food pantry. Image Credit – arniafratria


    SI Hunger Task Force

    The SI Hunger Task Force is not a pantry. Instead, we connect community members to pantries and pantries to community and government resources.

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