Local Staten Island Resident Anthony Kopelakis Publishes First Fiction/ Thriller Novel


A local resident of Staten Island, New York has recently published their first book!

Born in Brooklyn, Anthony Kopelakis spends their days playing video games, watching movies and baseball, exercising and most recently, writing! Their fiction/thriller follows Austin Michaels, an undefeated fighter for Reign, an underground fightclub who makes a good living with his fists.

Their inspiration can from franchises such as James Bond and Jack Reacher, so fans of these stories will surely love D.A.R.C: Inauguration.

With a hope to inspire someone who reads this book to follow their dreams and own passions, D.A.R.C: Inauguration is a high intensity read for all thrill-seeking reader.


Every day is another fi ght for Austin Michaels. Literally. As an undefeated fighter for Reign, an underground fightclub, he makes a good living with his fists.

Thanks to Damien Church, the man who saved his life and who he sees as his surrogate father since his own walked out on him years ago.

But when a covert government agency contacts him, telling him that Damien is not the man he thinks he is, Austin has to make a choice.

To join D.A.R.C. and spy on his mentor, or to blindly carry on as he has been.

As the grisly truth forces itself upon Austin, it stops being a choice


Anthony Kopelakis is a husband and father of two. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, he enjoyed the art of writing from the young age of nine. As his works transformed from seven page child adventures in old spiral notebooks to three hundred page thrillers on his laptop, his passion only grew.

As someone who aspired to be a published author his entire life, Anthony’s goal is for his work to inspire others to follow their own dream

Banner Image: D.A.R.C. Inauguration cover. Image Credit – Olympia Publishing


Olympia Publishers

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