Trans Athlete Ban Bill Passes House, Causing Remembrance Of Banning Jews From German Sporting Clubs As First Step Of Holocaust


With Republicans in control of the US House we now have a clear idea of what it looks like to have Lauren Boebert in the driver’s seat at the highest levels of policy making.

Last week, legislation co-sponsored by Boebert that seeks to ban transgender youth from participating in athletics passed in the United States House of Representatives.

As a student of history, this is especially troubling considering that one of the first steps of the Holocaust was the act of banning Jews from German sporting clubs.

Among the biggest anti-trans tropes that Boebert pushes is that schools are being used to indoctrinate youth into becoming transgender. This is ironic considering Boebert was literally just caught up in her own scandal after allegedly indoctrinating the youth of rural Colorado. Check out this headline from last week’s Denver Post:

On March 15th, Boebert appeared at a local school in a rural part of her district. She then took the opportunity to use her visit to the school to address the student body. Parents were expressly forbidden from attending. While noting the hypocrisy of right wing politicians is nothing new, the brazenness of their actions continues to increase.

As a grandparent and father of two, the thought of my children or grandchild being preached at and indoctrinated within a public school assembly by Boebert and her ilk is terrifying and sinister.

We now know exactly what Boebert will do when there is a Republican majority and she holds the reins of power; she will target the vulnerable and attempt to indoctrinate the young and malleable, grooming them to blindly follow her nihilistic extreme rightwing beliefs. While we are still protected by a blue majority in the Senate, if the Republicans take control in ’24, Boebert’s opinions could very well become the law of the land…

Banner Image: Transgender and in-between. Image Credit – John Hain


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