NYPD To Host Kia / Hyundai Giveaway Of Anti-Theft Devices Apple Air Tag, Tiles To Residents With Vulnerable Vehicles Friday To Prevent Thefts


Here is a statement from DA McMahon: “Staten Islanders in every neighborhood should not have to live in fear that their vehicle will be stolen, and my office continues to work in tandem with the NYPD across state lines to catch and fully prosecute car thieves, and to implement surveillance and preventative measures as well.

“This work is paramount to protecting our hard-earned quality of life on Staten Island, and to send a message that our borough is a no-fly zone for would-be car thieves.

“I fully support the NYPD’s upcoming event to distribute Apple Air Tags and Tile devices to certain Kia and Hyundai owners who are especially vulnerable to this recent crime trend, and encourage everyone who owns one of these vehicles to take advantage of this opportunity or independently take steps to secure their vehicle from theft.”

What is being done locally on this issue in particular: the NYPD is hosting an Air Tag/Tile giveaway to affected Hyundai or Kia owners on Friday, June 30th. Please see the flyer below for details. You must have an iPhone to pair with the Air Tag.

Banner Image: Car thief. Image Credit – Bastian Pudill


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