Linden Police Dept Successfully Extinguishes House Fire With No Loss Of Life, Investigation Underway


Fire in Linden NJ Successfully Extinguished

Linden, New Jersey – Linden’s Fire Department successfully extinguished a horrific fire on the morning on Friday, July 14th, which took place on Gesner Street in Linden, NJ earlier this morning. The fire is out at this time. Specific information as to circumstances that led to the fire and other details are not currently available due to an ongoing investigation. The home has been secured, and is currently listed as an unsafe structure not fit for occupancy until properly remediated, which based on the damage is likely to be extensive.

“What happened this morning is just absolutely dreadful,” said Mayor Derek Armstead. “Thankfully, due to the fast response time provided by our Fire Department, I am pleased to report that this fire claimed no lives.”

While fighting the fire, one of Linden’s bravest almost fell through the second floor of the structure. An initial visual inspection of the interior obtained anonymously indicates that certain critical supporting physical structures were removed, including the staircase to the second floor and possibly supporting beams. “We are aware that the home in question had electrical work and construction work for which there are no permits on file,” said Mayor Armstead.

This is deeply concerning, as this illegal work may very well prove to be responsible for creating this disaster in which a firefighter could have been severely injured, or even lost his or her life.” said Mayor Armstead. “While we will get to the bottom of this once the Fire Department has completed their investigation, the most important thing here is to not make the same mistake twice. Let me make myself perfectly clear; the City of Linden will not tolerate the violation of any construction, fire, zoning or planning board regulations, which are designed to preserve and protect property and lives,” said Mayor Armstead.

Banner Image: House fire. Image Credit – Daniel Tausis


Linden Police Department

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