College Football Dawgs Celebrates Launch Of International Website, Pawdcast Show, A Nat’l Sports Media Outlet “By Fans, For Fans”



Los Angeles, CA: A new national sports media outlet/sports blog was introduced to the college football world last Saturday evening in Los Angeles, CA.

College Football Dawgs is a first-of-its-kind sports media outlet: one that is “by fans for fans”. The goal is to cover every college football team across the country, regardless of level or fame.

The blog was formed by Co-Founders Hunter G. Dworsky, a native Delawarean, and Collin J. Sutrick, a native Washingtonian. Both come from the political arena, and both have a passion for college football. Hunter was a Deputy State Director for a popular 2016 Presidential campaign when the two first met at the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware.

The personnel who serve as writers, photographers, podcasters, and videographers come from many different walks of life, but all share the same love for college football! Our team diversity statement proclaims that “We are business professionals, military veterans, former coaches and former players, but most of all, we are diehard college football fans,” Over one-third of the College Football Dawgs leadership served in the United States military and another third is comprised of women.

While on the College Football Dawgs Kickoff Show, the outlet’s President & Co-Founder, Hunter Dworsky, proclaimed, “We are all college football fans, and we are here to take back sports media. It has been owned far too long by some of the major corporations; for instance, CBS owns 247Sports!” The interview can be viewed on the blog’s YouTube channel.

While providing real-time accurate reporting at most FCS and FBS schools, the media group will also explore controversial issues, such as the reinstatement of the 2005 Heisman Trophy to Reggie Bush. We’ll shine a light on schools and football personnel who’ve gone largely unnoticed, like 2x FCS National Champion Head Coach K.C. Keeler of Sam Houston State. Notable football icons like 2x Super Bowl Champion and current Colorado Head Coach Deion “Prime” Sanders have already expressed their support for College Football Dawgs, even sharing content on social media.

College Football Dawgs will provide a unique, yet professional perspective that appeals to not only the financial stakeholders of the schools, but also to the alumni, employees, the players, their families – and the fans.

We are truly “BY fans, FOR fans.”

Banner Image: JFK Stadium Springfield. Image Credit – Riley McCullough


College Football Dawgs

Tradition. Passion. Football. If you're like us, you live for Saturdays. The day where everything else going on in the world fades away while you cheer on your favorite team. Our names are Hunter Dworsky and Collin Sutrick, and we're the Co-Founders of College Football Dawgs. We may have grown up on opposite ends of the country, but had very similar upbringings fostered around our dads both working jobs in the football industry. First meeting through politics, it was our love for the game that connected us as friends. On Saturdays in our college days, you could find us taunting each other through the rivalry of our favorite teams: USC (Hunter) and UCLA (Collin).

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