Did You Boycott Ghostbusters Girls (Ghostbusters 2016 Reboot) Back In 2016 Because Someone Told You It Would Suck? You Really Missed Out!


Did You Boycott Ghostbusters Girls (Ghostbusters 2016 Reboot) Back In 2016? You Really Missed Out – It Was Hilarious!

A short while back, I was looking for something to watch on a Friday night. My partner suggested we try Ghostbusters 2016 Reboot (Ghostbusters Girls), and we watched. We were aware that there were controversies surrounding it, but the reasons why people should not watch it were seriously unclear.

Boycott Of The Movie, Without Seeing The Film, Encouraging Others Not To See It Based On A Bad Trailer

To begin with, the person initiating the “boycott” of the movie was four years old when the first ones came out. He also did not even SEE the movie, as it stated in his “review” without a first view. He didn’t grow up with them, as many others in my generation did, and was not truly familiar with the original movies.

He also neglected to mention, or understand, that this was Dan Akroyd’s movie (he was one of the executive producers of the film). For some reason, this person who spoke without real authority declared that this movie was not true to the original, and everyone should not go to see it. Separately from his video review, a Boycott Ghostbusters Facebook page was created and had many followers. For this and other related reasons, the movie bombed. No one went to see it.

According to a Huffington Post article, James Rolfe, who goes by the online name of Cinemassage, said, after viewing the second trailer, “I refuse to watch it. It looks awful, so I’m not going to see it. If you already know you’re going to hate it, then why give them your money?..this isn’t just any bad movie: this is one of the most celebrated franchises ever.”

To add insult to injury, when the new sequel came out a few years later, Ghostbusters Afterlife,  using the original surviving Ghostbusters actors in starring roles, rather than in cameo roles, this one everyone went to see.

The newer movie followed the storyline of the original, rather than rebooting it. Not only that, but the new director of Afterlife made a statement that essentially was quite offensive to everyone who starred in the reboot, to such an extent that Leslie Jones made her own counter-statement on Twitter.

Jason Reitman, the new co-writer and director said that he would “go back to the original technique and hand the movie back to the fans.” To this, Leslie Jones responded on Twitter, “Like, f*$% us. We don’t count. It’s like something Trump would do…”

This has all added credence to the argument that many have given, that the boycott and subsequent failure of the 2016 reboot was misogyny.

After all, it was a retelling of the Ghostbusters story with an all-female cast. The four women who play the Ghostbusters – who become the team they are in unusual and unexpected ways – are incredibly funny. Similarly to the original, where two of the Ghostbusters were from the cast of SNL, in this instance, three of the four Ghostbusters, and one of the other cast members, are from that show.

As stated above, this movie bombed because of one person who decided that the idea of an all-female cast rebooting the treasured favorite movie of the 80’s was just too much. Learn more about this at this The Daily Beast article

While I do somewhat agree with the premise that the original movies were excellent and didn’t need a reboot, rebooting and remaking is the trend of today. To give credence to the fact that the boycott was a sham, the sequel with an all-male cast, was quite successful. However, any sequel coming out decades later is just a bit strange.

Other Reboots Have Seen Great Success, Even Though They Are Very Different Than The Originals

On top of this, there have been very many reboots that have been successful. Some particularly obvious examples are the Disney live-action remakes. All of them are incredibly different from their originals, and feature much-changed stories in their retelling. However, they are, for the most part, doing very well. Fans of franchise-type movies and series seem to, in most instances, enjoy seeing the characters they love in new and interesting ways.

For example, all of the Disney remakes have completely different stories than the original. Take, for example, the retelling of Cinderella, in the 2015 reboot.

The original takes place over the course of one special day. The remake takes place over many years.

In the original, both of Cinderella’s parents have passed. In the remake, the viewer meets them and gets to know them well before they pass in this film.

Finally, in the original, it’s the king’s desire for grandchildren that causes all eligible maidens to be invited to the ball. In the remake, it is a chance encounter between Cinderella and the prince that causes the prince to push for all eligible maidens to attend.

The Cinderella remake was quite successful, unlike the Ghostbusters reboot.

Reboot of Ghostbusters: Answer the Call Was Quite Different From The Original

For the movie itself, the reboot is set in New York City and features an all-female cast, with the characters each taking on some of the characteristics of one of the original four. Kate McKinnon’s character is clearly similar to Egon, while the other characters are not really equivalent to their originals in that many ways. To be fair, the new characters were deeply flawed in strange, almost mental-illness type ways. Particularly, Kristen Wiig’s character appears to have a very severe case of narcissism or anti-social personality disorder, which isn’t really funny, it’s more just sad.

Even this character overcomes a lot of her flaws by the end of the film, while the other characters started out funny, and continue to be hilarious on so many levels.

The movie may not have broken new ground in terms of comedy, which is one of the main complaints that critics have had about it, but it was hilariously funny. From the new secretary character being so incredibly stupid that he took the glass out of his glasses so that he could rub his eyes (thus invalidating the purpose of glasses entirely) to the fact that he could not understand the concept of glass in a fish tank, and finally, his logo ideas were hilarious.

Chris Hemsworth does an excellent job of playing, in essence, two characters who are completely different in terms of personality and mannerisms, both of whom inhabit the same body at different points in the film.

He had the most hysterical lines and bits in the whole film. Wiig’s character was attracted to Hemsworth’s character, who they hired to be the secretary, despite his total dumbness and lack of interest in her, as well as lack of interest in secretarial duties. Try as he might, he could not learn how to answer the phone properly. Considering that was essentially his whole job, part of the fun is how they manage to never actually fire him, leading to some of the best parts of the movie.

The movie basically pokes fun at the whole idea of the Ghostbusters in the first place, and makes ghosts silly instead of scary. This is similar to how the original movies were. You were never really frightened by the ghosts.

The new film contained a lot of the same kind of slapstick comedy that made the first two so funny back in the 80s.

Melissa McCarthy’s character and Leslie Jones’s character were the funniest in the whole movie. McCarthy’s humor and the lines she delivered were just awesome. The best scene had to be the possession scene, toward the climax of the film.

Leslie’s character was holding back a possessed McCarthy, holding McKinnon out of the window with her other hand, doing a great job of holding McCarthy’s character back while not dropping McKinnon out the window. When Jones, with a great feat of strength, pulls McKinnon into the window and they all land on the floor, she gives McCarthy a huge slap while shouting at the demon person to get out of her friend. And it works; the man who was possessing her was jolted from her body.

Naturally, he was seeking someone else to possess, and the secretary was the one who was conveniently at hand.

My second favorite scene consists of two characters of the four who have known each other since high school, McCarthy and Wiig. They recreated for the other two Ghostbusters a ridiculous skit they had created as a project in college, where they made up a special dance and song about how ghosts are real. This was hilarious, even when I watched it multiple times.

The Ending Scenes Were So Funny, In Addition To Being Moving

The scenes composing the climax of the plot were incredibly funny, and just made me laugh a lot. Especially when the possessed Hemsworth causes the police to dance under his control, being impotent to stop him in any way.

The end scenes were most hilarious, and also quite moving. The movie strives, and succeeds, in sharing the true value and importance of real friendship, as they were each willing to sacrifice for each other.

Every one of the characters who remains alive from the original series made a cameo, from the ridiculously silly cab driver played by Dan Akroyd, Ernie Hudson as Leslie’s uncle who owned the hearse they used, and Bill Murray as the ultimate skeptic. Finally, if you watch to the end, past the credits, you get to see Sigourney Weaver’s wonderfully funny cameo. ‘Goggles? We don’t need no stinking goggles!’ or something to that effect.

Finally, for those who think they didn’t put their heart and soul into this movie, when is the last time when so much attention was paid to the END CREDITS?!

As the credits are rolling, Hemsworth reprises his possessed role, and the credits move all over the screen in time with his dancing. The Slime ghost family makes a reappearance in such funny ways, and there are other animations designed to catch your interest so you watch to the end. It is really quite amazing.

The special effects were extremely good in this whole movie, from the ghost in the beginning all the way through to the excellent animation in the climatic scene of the movie. The ghosts taking over the city were very well executed, lending a feeling of realism to the ghosts and other surreal creatures in the scene. The original two movies had to make do with the types and styles of animation that was available then, so it must have been exciting for them to make this movie look exactly as realistic as they wanted. Animation technology has certainly advanced since the first movies.

As far as comedies go, it is Dan Akroyd all the way, and it is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I would rate this movie FIVE STARS, and highly recommend you see it if you haven’t already. Whether you love ghosts or not, this movie will have you in stitches!

Banner Image: Ghostbusters 2016 (Ghostbusters Girls)  film poster. Image Credit – Sony Pictures


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