Disney’s 2019 Remake Of Aladdin Starring Will Smith Was Surprisingly Good, A Well-Done Retelling Of Classic Story


Aladdin 2019 Starring Will Smith Was Incredible! A Great Retelling Of A Classic Story

I must admit that I missed seeing this movie, Aladdin 2019 when it first came to theaters.  I had the opportunity to watch it some time back, but I found the trailer rather uninspiring, and chose to watch Frozen 2 instead at the time.  Ever since the first remake, 2015’s Cinderella, I haven;t been too interested in seeing the latest remakes from Disney.

Since they are so very changed, in most cases, from the original, their only commonality with their originals is that the characters are the same, and some of the story is the same.  So it was with this movie, but what they changed was actually for the better, and not for the worse.

The first thing I noticed that I really liked was that they credited Howard Ashman, the original songwriter for the Aladdin movie, in the beginning of the movie. They also really kept his songs almost exactly the same. The new song and reprise by Princess Jasmine were also beautiful, and her performances of both were quite good.

For the movie itself, to begin with, I have always been a big fan of Robin Williams, particularly his performance as the Genie.  I had been wondering if Will Smith would be able to fill his shoes, and I was not disappointed.  Smith was just as funny, and in some cases even funnier, than the original Genie.

As far as the humor, there was some more mature humor that young audiences would not appreciate or get, as this was definitely targeted to an adult audience.  It isn’t that the humor was overly mature, but it was definitely not made for children.  Some of the scenes were more scary than would be appropriate for the youngest audiences, which is why this film was rated as PG (??).

Will Smith’s performance, as well as Princess Jasmine’s performance, were incredibly moving and wonderful. In terms of character development and personalty, these two changed the most, and gave the most inspiring and heartwarming performances.

This movie was beyond just moving, however.  It was also hilariously funny.  From the Genie’s musical performance, to his ‘pulling the strings,’ so to speak, on Aladdin when he danced, to the scene where he turns the monkey into an elephant in hilarious fashion, there was funny scene after funny scene, and tons of action-packed moments too.

The ending scenes, where the Grand Vizier attempts to murder Aladdin, all the way to the end, were full of demonstrations of great courage and heroism, particularly by Princess Jasmine, as well as the Sultan, the Genie, and Aladdin himself, taking the movie to its fitting final scene.

In case you never saw the original, I will not spoil it here.  Suffice it to say, it was a much more fast-paced and action-packed ending than that of the animated version, and it was like hanging on for dear life and being immersed in the action moment-by-moment.  It was an incredible final scene, and an incredibly surprising and gratifying ending.

In the end, Aladdin learns the true meaning of friendship, and so does the Genie, who admits that he has never had a friend before.  This struck me as quite curious, as in every instance a person such as Aladdin had to find the lamp.  It was set up in that way to make it more likely that the Genie would be granting wishes to someone worthy of them.

However, in every other case, the attempt that Jafar made on Aladdin’s life, mirrored in the lives of every other “diamond in the rough” would have been successful.  As a result, every other such person was murdered by the one that desired the lamp for themselves, allowing the Genie to be controlled by someone who was not worthy of the wishes he could grant.  In 10,000 years, he had never met someone that he could call a friend.  All the others saw him as merely a slave to give them what they wanted

When you see this movie, you will be pleasantly surprised by the ending as well.  The original animated movie goes into far less detail about the Genie’s life after the movie ended.  I admit that I didn’t see Return of Jafar, but I did see the third installment, and it was quite good.  But it, too, didn’t focus at all on the Genie’s life after the lamp.  I found this version refreshing, in that it lets you in on what the Genie’s life became.

This movie, is highly recommended, and I would give it FIVE STARS, urging you to rent it this weekend.  If it’s playing for free at a beach somewhere, you should definitely go see it.

Banner Image: Aladdin Movie Poster. Image Credit – Disney


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