Period. Swimwear Works As Advertised, Protects You From Accidents While Having Fun In Sun, No Tampons Necessary


These Period. swim bottoms are becoming one of my favorite summer time products, because they really work and make that monthly time a lot easier. 

I was recently provided a pair of Period. Swim, the bikini bathing suit bottom. This company makes bottoms only for swimsuits, as that’s really all you need to protect you when you have your period.

These period swim bottoms, and by extension the period underwear made by Period., clearly have a lot of science behind them. They are well-designed and well-made, but the most important thing is that they WORK.

Period Swim. Bikini style on model. Image Credit - Period.

Period Swim. Bikini style on model. Image Credit – Period.

I have tried four other brands of period underwear (no other brands of period swimwear), and not one of them works as advertised. Whether they don’t work AT ALL, as in the case of Cora, or if they work just a little bit, like most other brands, they have all been disappointing.

I was quite pleasantly surprised then to see that this brand really does work. Since every female’s body is different, it is important to note the actual absorption. In the case of the swimwear, it is three tampons worth.

I found that it does, in fact, absorb three tampons worth of blood. I was wearing them for several hours when I tried them, and there were NO LEAKS! I was astonished. I am pretty sure it was at least two or three tampons worth of blood, and it did not leak while I was outside of the water.

However, since it was a lot that these had absorbed, I did notice that after I went in the water, a little bit leaked out. This is likely because I was only in the water for less than a minute, because I wanted to test the water absorption claims of the swimwear.

When I went into the water, it was after quite a while of wearing them, and a little bit did leak out. But, it was not nearly as much as they had absorbed. If I had stayed in the water a little bit longer, it would have likely been unnoticeable.

Update: I found that when these did eventually leak a little after wearing them for 3 hours on my heaviest day, when I went in the water at the beach for a while, they were then able to continue to absorb for another two hours without leaking again.  

On another occasion, I wore them into the water on a moderate flow day a little while after I put them on.  There were no leaks at all. They held everything they had absorbed, and kept going for a few more hours after getting out of the water.

Consequently, these are great for the beach and for pool use, depending on what you want to use them for. Most people would have more embarrassment from leaks at the beach, since they are in public, but that will not be a problem with these.

If you stay in the water, they will hold the blood inside of them. I don’t have any idea how these work, but they do, in fact, work very well. They talk about their technology on their website, but it is somewhat complicated. I don’t really care how they work, I only care that they work.

I am so happy to have this swimwear. Finally, I won’t need tampons anymore when I go to the beach. I don’t know about anyone else, but I dread tampons. Everything about them is uncomfortable, from the way they expand to having to insert and remove them. It is gross. So not having to worry about that anymore is incredible!

You might still need tampons and pads for your heaviest days, particularly if you are going to be out for a really long time without going in the water.

As far as tampons go, Cora, the brand mentioned above that didn’t work for period underwear, works very well for tampons. Their tampons expand width-wise instead of length-wise, kind of like o.b., but without all the chemicals.

Now I can visit the beach or go in the pool, and not be concerned about embarrassing leaks. At all.

I did want to mention, however, that the Period. swimwear, and likely the Period. underwear, run a little bit large. I normally wear a medium, but the medium swimsuit fits a little baggy in the waist area. So, I would recommend purchasing one size smaller than you would normally wear. Their customer service is excellent, too, so if they don’t fit, you can always contact them to do an exchange.

Now I can’t wait for beach days of all types, including those while I have my period, because I no longer have to worry about discomfort, accidents, and all the other things I used to worry about during “that time of the month.” Going forward, that time will be just as much fun as other times. What a relief!

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