Fish Dinner Anyone? Osprey Loses ‘Lunch’, Sayreville Loses Power For 2 Hours! Weird NJ


Last week’s power outage was a major inconvenience for so many of our residents.
Please let us not forget the victim in this senseless death. Gilligan was a hard working family man. He was a father to thousands of children.
The suspect was last seen flying South. If you see him do not try to apprehend him.
Although he isn’t believed to be armed he may still be very dangerous. If you have any information in this case please contact Det. John Silver who handles all of our fish cases.
Power restored and Lunch is served!
Ok Sayreville pay attention to this one!
There is a large area of Lower Sayreville without power.
JCP&L is reporting a �� was found on a transformer.
This FISH destroyed the transformer! How did a FISH get up there???
We have a hypothesis. We are guessing a bird dropped it as it flew over.
Power should be out for a few hours while repairs are made.
Only in Sayreville folks only in Sayreville.
Banner Image: Fish dropped by bird graphic. Image Credit – Sayreville PD


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