Crystal Meth Allegedly Found At Staten Island Hotel Used As Migrant Shelter, Turned Out To Be Epsom Salt


BP Fossella, Staten Island Elected Officials to Raise Alarm over Narcotics Allegedly Found at Migrant Shelter On Staten Island


Staten Island, NY – In this video, Borough President Vito Fossella and his fellow Staten Island elected officials inform the public about the reports of dangerous narcotics found at the Ramada Inn in Willowbrook at a press conference on Thursday, October 6th at 11 AM. 

Borough President Fossella responded to public reports that one pound of crystal meth was found Wednesday night at the Ramada Inn, which has been used to house migrants since May 4th. If these reports are true, they bring forth concerns about what such a large quantity of this dangerous drug was doing in a hotel that appears to have been used exclusively to house migrants under a program paid for by taxpayer dollars.

Note: The pound of powder in a black bag that was thought to be crystal meth was tested.  According to the New York Post, by later that same day, officials from the City confirmed that the substance was, in fact, Epsom salt, a harmless substance which can be purchased locally at any pharmacy or convenience store.  

Banner Image: Crystal Meth Found At Migrant Shelter. Image Credit – Staten Islander News 


BP Vito Fossella

The Office of the Borough President has a responsibility to advocate for the entire Borough of Staten Island and all its residents, and represents the Borough's interests within City government. The Borough President communicates directly with the Mayor and the City Council to emphasize Staten Island’s budget priorities. In addition, the Borough President is responsible for reviewing major land use decisions and proposing sites for city facilities within the Borough. As the chair of the Borough Board, the Borough President leads Staten Island’s City Council delegation and Community Board chairs in the process of reviewing and approving the transfer of public properties to private use. The Borough President’s Office houses the Borough's Topographical Bureau, which maintains the borough’s official maps and assigns street addresses. The Borough President monitors the delivery of city services on Staten Island, and acts as a liaison between residents and city agencies when problems arise to devise solutions. The Borough President is also responsible for appointing one member to the Panel for Educational Policy and one member to the City Planning Commission, as well as some 150 members to Staten Island’s three community boards.

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  • Avatar S.A.K. says:

    Someone prolly swiped the lb of meth and threw in some Epsom’s salt.

    I hope at least it was the one with herbs and a lavender scent,


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