Love Haunted Houses, Incredible Halloween Displays? Provides Most Complete List On Staten Island

Share was created in 2022 to present the most complete list of Halloween displays and haunted houses for family fun entertainment during this festive fall season.

From their website’s mission statement,

“Origin of Staten Island Haunted Houses

Staten Island Haunted Houses was born from a close-knit group of individuals who were part of another Facebook group.

Initially, we shared information about where to find props and stores that had them for sale. During the Halloween season, we began directing families to each other’s displays. We then created a real-time chat group for convenience and mutual support. Our connection blossomed into friendships.

However, we also encountered drama and bullying within the other Facebook group. Their attitude was, “If you don’t like it, then leave.”

During winter 2022, we decided to overcome the challenges of having a list of displays solely within a private Facebook group. Recognizing that not everyone uses Facebook or social media, we devised a 2023 strategy: creating a website, crafting lawn signs with QR codes linked to our website, establishing a Google map for easy display location, and branching out to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

With this multi-plaƞorm approach, our Halloween chat group can promote displays within and beyond the Staten Island community, making many families happy by guiding them to our collectively created displays.”

Here are just a few of their featured displays.  To see more, visit them at

Skeleton Park on Vernon Ave 

Image Credit – SI Haunted Houses

Schuler’s Sanctuary, also on Vernon Ave

Image Credit – SI Haunted Houses

Image Credit – SI Haunted Houses

Haunted House on Scranton Hill

Image Credit - SI Haunted Houses

Image Credit – SI Haunted Houses

Image Credit - SI Haunted Houses

Image Credit – SI Haunted Houses


View the interactive map

Banner Image: Monsta K’ore. Image Credit – SI Haunted Houses 



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