Limitless Monday: Start 2024 With Blank Sheet Of Paper – Don’t Let Your Past Hold You Back


A few years ago I asked a friend who had recently exited prison what he was going to do next.

“I don’t know,” he responded, “I am starting with a blank sheet of paper.”

I found his response exciting. Those few words were full of possibilities and potential.

The world was his oyster.

It was an opportunity to feel alive and restart his journey.

Oftentimes, when we reach a certain age, around 50 usually, we seek to take things easy.

We may take early retirement, and some of us take up gardening and cooking. We fail to remember life is a game of two halves.

Whilst the first half may be over, there is still the second half to live.

Giving up the chase half-way through the journey is giving up on life. Throwing the towel in. You are saying to yourself the best days are over.

They are far from over.

Take this phrase, ‘start with a blank sheet of paper’ with you into 2024.

Start 2024 assuming you have no history.

Don’t let your past hold you back.

Set your goals, and when doing so relinquish control.

If you are a control freak and look for certainty in every aspect of your life, you are unlikely to thrive and take risks.

The richness of life is about taking risks, and stepping into the unknown.

Remember this when you start your journey in 2024.

Happy Monday and, of course, a Happy and Successful 2024!

Banner Image: Hello 2024! Image Credit – Ricardo Loaiza


Harry Maximillian

Harry is an author, coach, entrepreneur, comedian and a convicted felon. Harry was sent to prison for a financial crime where he spent five long years. Prison allowed Harry to realize the error of his ways. He decided to use his time productively and mobilize his extraordinary determination, dedication, drive, motivation and desire to focus on writing and the art of self-improvement. Before Harry’s enforced vacation he was one of the most prolific deal makers in the City of London.

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