Conservative Party Of Richmond Announces Candidate For 2024 Election Season



Editor’s note: You can view 2024 and previous election endorsement announcements from the Conservative Party here and here.

Their recommendations to vote no on the recent ballot proposals can be found here

The Conservative Party of Richmond County has officially nominated State Senator Andrew J. Lanza, State Assemblyman Michael W. Reilly Jr., and State Assemblyman Sam T. Pirozzolo for re-election to their respective offices, and recommended to the New York State Conservative Party, which nominates candidates whose districts include more than one county, the nominations of Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis and State Assemblyman Michael Tannousis, for re-election to their respective offices.

“Congresswoman Malliotakis, Senator Lanza, and Assemblymen Reilly, Tannousis, and Pirozzolo, all have the complete and total endorsement of the Staten Island Conservative Party,” stated Chairman David Mario Curcio.

In accepting their nominations and endorsements, the incumbent candidates issued the following statements:

Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis:  “I thank the Conservative Party for its continued support as I stand up against the failed policies of President Biden that have given us high inflation, an open border, and more government control of our lives.

“Whether it’s supporting law enforcement, pushing for secure borders, or getting our economy back on track, I have pushed to restore common sense and sanity in Washington.  We have helped thousands of constituents resolve issues, and delivered millions of tax dollars back to our district for healthcare, education, and infrastructure.  I look forward to continuing to work for the people of Staten Island and Southern Brooklyn.”

Senator Andrew J. Lanza:  “I am honored to embrace the Conservative Party principles, which now more than ever are needed to preserve our constitutional freedoms.  As we look towards November, it is crystal clear that New Yorkers have been harmed and betrayed by left-wing policies. I look forward to working with Chairman Curcio and the members of the Conservative Party in the fight to defend individual liberty, and restore economic opportunities for all.”

Assemblyman Michael W. Reilly Jr.:  “I am proud to accept this endorsement from the Conservative Party of Richmond County, and I humbly thank Chairman Curcio and party members for their support.  I will continue to be a staunch advocate for the restoration of public safety and a defender of our individual freedoms.”

Assemblyman Michael Tannousis:  “As we continue to fight against the socialist agenda that has brought us increased crime, the migrant crisis, and a diminished quality of life, I am proud to once again carry the Conservative Party banner, and fight for conservative values and common sense policies in Albany.  I will continue to fight for my constituents, as life in New York State has become increasingly more difficult for the taxpayer.”

Assemblyman Sam T. Pirozzolo:  “I appreciate the confidence Chairman Curcio and the Conservative Party has put in me to be the standard bearer of conservative values as we work together to take New York State back one district at a time.  I won’t let the party down, and I won’t let the good people of the 63rd district down.”

Additionally, with more than the requisite amount of support from the county organizations across the state, President Donald J. Trump was recently declared the presumptive nominee of the New York State Conservative Party.  The designation was made official with the overwhelming approval of a motion made by Richmond County Chairman David Mario Curcio at a recent meeting of the state party’s executive committee.

“The Staten Island Conservative Party was proud to be the very first Conservative Party county organization in the state to officially endorse the candidacy of President Trump, and we have never wavered in our continued support for President Trump and the America First Agenda,” added Chairman Curcio.

Election Day is scheduled for Tuesday, November 5, 2024, with Conservative Party nominees on Column “C”. 

Banner Image: Voting rights mural. Image Credit – Tom Barrett