Safety Of New York Bridges Should Be Immediately Evaluated, Any Issues Addressed After Baltimore Tragedy


Assemblyman Fall calls on Governor Hochul for immediate safety evaluation of Staten Island bridges

Editor’s note: According to an article on The Conversation by a bridge engineer, and as the world witnessed,  “When the container ship MV Dali, 300 metres long and massing around 100,000 tonnes, lost power and slammed into one of the support piers of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, the bridge collapsed in moments. Six people are presumed dead, several others injured, and the city and region are expecting a months-long logistical nightmare in the absence of a crucial transport link.” This article attempts to explain why the bridge collapsed in this way, and how such incidents can be prevented in the future. 

Albany, NY – In a significant move to ensure public safety and infrastructure resilience, Assemblyman Fall has formally addressed Governor Kathy Hochul regarding the urgent need for a comprehensive review and immediate reinforcement of Staten Island’s major bridges. This action comes in the wake of the tragic collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, emphasizing the critical necessity to avert similar disasters within New York State.

In his letter, Assemblyman Fall highlighted the indispensable roles of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, the Goethals Bridge, the Bayonne Bridge, and the Outerbridge Crossing. These structures not only facilitate daily commuting and commercial activities, but also serve as vital links that support the economic vitality and quality of life for Staten Island residents.

“The recent catastrophic event in Baltimore has shed light on the imperative need to reassess and bolster the structural integrity and safety measures of these essential infrastructures.” said Assemblyman Fall (D-Richmond, New York, Kings). “This is a call to action to prevent potential tragedies and ensure the safety of all New Yorkers by conducting a swift and thorough examination of these critical bridges.”

“Ensuring the resilience and safety of our infrastructure is paramount to the public’s safety and to the economic stability of our community, stated Assemblyman Fall. “It is our responsibility to take proactive measures to ensure such tragedies do not occur in our jurisdiction.”

Assemblyman Fall added, “Immediate action combined with meticulous inspection is crucial. The well-being of our residents and the longevity of our community hinge on our capacity to address and mitigate these unseen risks promptly. This moment calls for us not just to mend but to advance, making certain that our bridges are equipped to handle the demands and uncertainties of the future”

Banner Image: Baltimore bridge. Image Credit – TheFourthLink



Assemblyman Charles D. Fall

Assemblymember Charles Fall represents New York’s 61st Assembly District covering the North Shore of Staten Island, where he has resided his whole life. Fall is the first Muslim and African-American Assemblymember elected from Staten Island. He comes from a working-class family of six. His parents immigrated to Staten Island from Guinea, West Africa, and displayed a commitment to improving the lives of those around them. Fall’s legislative priorities revolve around comprehensive strategies to ensure stable and healthier communities. This includes expanding resources for teachers, parents and students to resolve academic disparities, creating affordable housing options, ensuring individuals and families have sufficient health coverage and access to vital services, improving transportation infrastructure and other long-standing community concerns on the North Shore.

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  • Avatar A non says:

    Asssembly man Fall with all due respect sir I think this isn’t an issue.

    But I do think it is Wise to put up barriers.

    This also happened in Florida in the 80s. If two in fifty years happen then yes it is a threat but very unlikely still.

    I don’t oppose bumpers. We all have them on our cars.

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