Register For Opera And Lunch In The Afternoon At Casa Belvedere This Thursday


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Opera and Lunch in the Afternoon
The Glorious Sound of the Operatic Singing Voice

Thursday, Oct. 13, noon to 4 pm

Come enjoy great food and company while sharing our love of opera!

Presented by Dr. Snjezana Smodlaka and Lou Barrella

Intuitively, we all know what a great voice sounds like. Most of us on this earth don’t have one as a great voice is a blessing from God to a few special singers who develop it and share it with those of us lucky enough to hear and appreciate it.

This presentation will explore the beauty, power and quality of the operatic singing voice.

Dr. Smodlaka will present some great paintings to show how the emotional impact of one art can be interpreted in another, and Mr. Barrella will present both great and not-so-great singing for you to be inspired and amused!

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