Renovations At Fitzpatrick Park In Bayonne Earned Consulting And Municipal Engineering Associates (CME) Project Of The Year Award


The New Jersey Society of Municipal Engineers has given the Consulting and Municipal Engineering Associates (CME) a Project of the Year Award for the renovations at Fitzpatrick Park in Bayonne.

The award is in the organization’s category of Municipal Design Projects in places with populations above 20,000.

Mayor Jimmy Davis said, “I would like to congratulate CME for this award, which recognizes the high quality of our recent renovations at Fitzpatrick Park. These renovations are an important part of our Administration’s program of improvements throughout the Bayonne municipal park system. We are very proud that the Fitzpatrick Park renovations have won statewide recognition.”

The renovations at Fitzpatrick Park include new playground equipment, a hockey rink, game and picnic tables, and stormwater management upgrades.

The playground has new structures with Police Department and Fire Department themes. These structures honor the former Police and Fire Headquarters Building that stood on the site for most of the twentieth century.

A panel of five engineers served as the judges for the awards event, which recognized fifteen projects across the state in a variety of categories.

CME also received awards for designing a wastewater treatment plant upgrade in Allentown and managing a project at a firehouse in Holmdel.

The awards were presented in a ceremony at the recent New Jersey Society of Municipal Engineers Awards Luncheon at the Atlantic City Convention Center. The ceremony took place at the 2022 conference of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities.

Banner Image:  Engineering Award for Fitzpatrick Park Improvements: The New Jersey Society of Municipal Engineers presented an award to Consulting and Municipal Engineering Associates (CME) for the renovations at Fitzpatrick Park in Bayonne. Pictured left to right: Robert Russo (CME Engineering), David Samuel (Managing Partner, CME Engineering), Olga Garcia (President, New Jersey Society of Municipal Engineers), Public Information Officer Joe Ryan (City of Bayonne), and Darren Mazzei (CME Engineering). The award was presented in Atlantic City at the New Jersey Society of Municipal Engineers Awards Luncheon.  Image Credit – City of Bayonne


City of Bayonne

Bayonne is a community that retains many of the elements of a small town. One and two family homes, small apartment buildings, and small business predominate. There is a population of 62,000 people who take pride in their hometown and its history. Bayonne residents and their ancestors moved to the city from many parts of the world. During colonial times and the first century of the American Republic, the Dutch, British, and Africans were the first groups to arrive after the Native Americans. Subsequent waves of immigrants came from all over Europe, especially between the 1880s and the 1920s. In recent decades, sources of immigration have largely been represented from countries in Latin America, the Middle East, and Southeastern Asia. Each group has left its mark on the cultural, religious and political life of the community.

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