Austrian Cultural Forum Wishes You Happy Holidays, A Wonderful New Year Filled With Joy, Happiness, Health


The Team of the ACFNY wishes you Happy Holidays and a wonderful new year that is filled with joy, happiness and health. 
In turbulent times like these, good news are rare, therefore we want to send you off into your holiday break with a message of hope and peace.

short film
ACFNY recommended | Angelus Novus Reloaded

A message of peace
Angelus Novus Reloaded is inspired by the wonderful composition Peace for Kyiv, Suite op. 7 by the Austrian guitar virtuoso and composer Julia Malischnig and the drawing Angelus Novus by Paul Klee, created in the aftermath of World War I. The cultural philosopher Walter Benjamin defined the work as the angel of history, throwing itself backwards into the future, with his eyes directed on the present.

The interpretation of the Angelus Novus Reloaded by the Austrian director and producer Robert Hofferer, is an angel in the making who, raised by human-made music, sets out to bring peace to the world. Maria Shurkhal, a dancer from the Ukraine based in Austria, and Julia Malischnig embody the angel of peace together through their arts.

In a world increasingly marked by wars and armed conflicts, art has the duty to call for peace. “Angelus Novus Reloaded” is an appeal for peace from Austria to the world.

The short film will be available from Dec 19th – 26th. Click here to watch it. 


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