CallAhead’s Charles Howard Creates New Portable Sanitary Facility To Add Value At Construction Sites For Higher End Building Projects


Another First! A Gilded Age Portable Restroom Designed by CALLAHEAD’S Charles W. Howard for Affluent Residential Construction in the Hamptons, North Shore and Westchester

NEW YORK, — Charles W. Howard, President and CEO of CALLAHEAD, designs a gilded age construction portable restroom, the Biltmore, for wealthy residential clientele—a first for the portable restroom industry.

The Hamptons, North Shore, and Westchester are just a sample of luxury residential neighborhoods in which the Biltmore Portable Restroom was designed. CALLAHEAD, in business since 1976, has invented and designed more for the portable sanitation industry than any other company. CALLAHEAD innovations and designs have all been created by Charles W. Howard, who is also an award-winning builder and designer.

Not only does the Biltmore Portable Restroom by CALLAHEAD add gilded age charm to the location, but it also adds value. This is the first time anyone has created an architecturally designed portable restroom like the Biltmore for long-term construction jobs.

Mr. Howard was asked why he designed the Biltmore Portable Restroom. He replied, “Most portable restrooms for construction create a perfect contrast at the job site. We wanted to create a portable restroom to flow with the coloring, creating a higher value.” Mr. Howard continued, “The Biltmore’s design makes a person more inquisitive while also tying into an era in American History which increases the value while giving the consumer greater value for their money.”

The Biltmore is like nothing ever seen in the construction industry so it makes sense an award-winning designer, Howard would be the one to create it. The muted green and yellow exterior was carefully selected by Mr. Howard, emulating the bygone era. A specialty-designed CALLAHEAD signage is a bronze plaque reminiscent of the gilded age. The plaque’s design is aged and partly polished showing hues and shadows as if the plaque was 150 years old, adding to the Biltmore’s vintage style. The roof of the Biltmore is an aqua color. Everything about the Biltmore’s design was meticulously thought out to create sophistication onsite and blend in beautifully with high-end real estate.

Biltmore Toilet detail

Biltmore Toilet detail

I asked Mr. Howard what specifically he designed the Biltmore for. He replied, “The Biltmore was designed for old-world residential homes and architecture in affluent neighborhoods. The goal with the Biltmore is to increase property value rather than decrease it while it is onsite.” Howard continued, “The Biltmore will naturally increase property value while on the property, while a plain traditional portable restroom could decrease real estate value. The Biltmore makes for happier property owners and happier neighbors.”

The Biltmore was designed by Mr. Howard for CALLAHEAD with the Vanderbilt Mansion in mind to make it ideal for any estate, landmark, or affluent home construction or renovation job. However, the Biltmore is not only a gorgeous antiqued-style portable restroom on the outside but also the cleanest in the industry. Thanks to CALLAHEAD using only hospital-grade cleaners and disinfectants users are assured of the cleanest portable restrooms in the field. The Biltmore Portable Restroom is a win-win for the property owners and the construction crews who will be using it.

The spacious interior of the Biltmore includes a lockable door with an occupancy sign for privacy, a comfortable toilet seat, a non-splash urinal, a covered double toilet paper dispenser, an antiseptic dispenser, a coat and hat hook, a hover handle, a convenience shelf, interior mirror, and an LED solar panel ceiling light to deliver plenty of light inside day or night. In addition, the Biltmore requires absolutely no electricity at all to operate.

Biltmore purse hook

Biltmore purse hook

Whether you have home construction in East Hampton, Brookville, Scarsdale or construction in Central Park or the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the Biltmore Portable Restroom will add value with gilded age charm to any prime real estate location.

CALLAHEAD is the world’s greatest portable sanitation company in business since 1976, with countless inventions and design innovations to advance the industry. CALLAHEAD is a New York company only servicing the New York area, so you never have to worry about products based on location. What you see on CALLAHEAD’s website is exactly what you get. CALLAHEAD has over 260 New York employees and over 150 vehicles and growing, serving Nassau and Suffolk County to Montauk Point, Westchester County, and New York City’s Five Boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx.

CALLAHEAD is the most trusted and reliable portable restroom company . CALLAHEAD uses only hospital-grade cleaners and disinfectants to ensure the highest sanitary conditions with the Biltmore Portable Restroom or any CALLAHEAD product on delivery and at every cleaning service.

Banner Image: Biltmore portable toilet by CallAhead. Image Credit – CallAhead


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