Staten Island Community Supported Agriculture Selling Shares For Delivery OF Fresh Produce For 2023, Deliveries Start Week Of June 5th


24 Weeks of Fresh, Local Organic Vegetables Delivered to Staten Island

What members say:

  • “Quality, local produce that will inspire you and your family to eat healthier.”
  • “I joined the CSA to give us the extra push to eat more vegetables.”
  • “Eat more real food. Get away from processed foods.”

Join with us

Circle Brook Farm will again offer a 24-week delivery program for the 2023 season. We anticipate beginning deliveries during the week of June 5. The final delivery will be during the week of November 13.

Premium share. $990/share will contain, on average, 10-12 items and a larger quantity of most of the items in the basic share.

Basic share. $825/share will contain, on average, 9-10 items. It will be approximately 75% of the Premium share.

Sign up here.

If you want to split a share and don’t have a partner, email [email protected] and provide your name and email address. We also have a few SNAP shares. Contact Susan Fowler for details.

Banner Image: Fresh produce. Image Credit – Staten Island CSA


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