Final Installment Of Casa Belvedere’s Musica Sotto le Stelle Of Season Tuesday, September 5th


The final Musica Sotto le Stelle of the season!

John La Barbera: A Musical Tribute to Italian Cinema: Great Soundtracks, Great Directors, Great Movies

Tuesday, Sept. 5

6:30 to 9:30 pm – doors open at 6 pm

$125 members, $135 non-members

Price includes entertainment and a four-course dinner with wine and soft drinks.

The evening features Academy Award-nominated film score composer and guitar/stringed instrument virtuoso John T. La Barbera, who will present a musical journey that celebrates over 100 years of Italian cinema history and soundtracks that became famous worldwide.

From early silent film scores to contemporary hits, these famous arrangements will be expertly played on the guitar, with movie scenes as a backdrop.

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Banner Image: Event graphic. Image Credit – Casa Belvedere 


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