Doggie Cam – Paddy Takes Us On A Dog’s Eye View Tour Of Staten Island’s Parks


Paddy the Dog brings us a dogs-eye view of Staten Island’s extensive parkland.  Visiting most of the parks on Staten Island, Paddy frolics his way around the local parkland, stopping to sniff flowers, and having a fun time romping around the local green-space. 

This summer, the cute dog visited almost all of Staten Island’s many parks and natural areas, along with his human companion, Sean, who also appears in the videos. 

Staten Island is home not only to one of the most expansive green open areas, but also to many smaller parks and recreational centers, beaches, along with cultural centers and museums.  Staten Island has much more to offer than many tourists from Manhattan realize when they take the Staten Island Ferry and don’t stop to check it out.  

Visitors to the island from other countries usually come to see the beautiful parkland on Staten Island known as the Greenbelt.  While much smaller than in recent years, the Greenbelt has managed to preserve at least some of the greenspace that many residents of the island grew up with.  This attract people from places as far away as Japan and Thailand, who come to see the beautiful, vibrant natural areas for themselves.  In many other places around the world, there is very little greenspace left preserved for future generations. 

In his simple way, Paddy enjoys playing, frolicking, and romping through and around the island’s many parks.  Follow Paddy on his journey around the borough of Staten Island, and enjoy the views of our island’s hidden treasures.   

To view the original on Sean Fitzpatrick’s instagram, please click here. 

Banner Image: Video cover. Image Credit – Staten Islander News


Sean Fitzpatrick

My name is Sean Fitzpatrick, but you can call me Fitz. I'm a professional photographer from the borough of (Shaolin) Staten Island. I have been shooting since I was 21 years old once I received my first camera after I graduated from the University of Seton Hall. Photography originally started off as a hobby, but now it's become my career. It is the best way I can express who I am as an artist and individual.

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