City Of Rahway Police Department Reports Increase In Residential Burglaries, High End Motor Vehicle Thefts, Key Fob Seeking By Multiple Thieves



Editor’s note: This trend has been seen in other townships throughout New Jersey, particularly those where groups of thieves suspect (usually correctly) that the residents of the area are somewhat lax in securing their key fobs and other valuables.  This is likely because these neighborhoods have historically had low amounts of crime, leading to a lack of vigilance and, in some cases, security (such as by leaving car and home doors unlocked, leaving the key fob in the car for the owner’s convenience – and the convenience of thieves).  As crime in these generally safer neighborhoods increases, people living there are likely to become more vigilant, causing the thieves to look elsewhere for easy targets.  

From the Morris County Police Department’s website last year: “Residents/citizens are reminded to always lock their vehicles and residences, and to remove all fobs and valuables from inside their cars, even if the vehicles are parked in the driveway or inside the garage….

“These criminal enterprises have capitalized on unsecured vehicles to steal a significant number of vehicles, targeting neighborhoods where they suspect vehicles are unlocked. Thieves often operate overnight and target luxury vehicles. These criminals have been known to steal other vehicles to commit violent crimes, including robberies.”

RAHWAY, NJ -The Rahway Police Department reports a significant uptick in residential breakins linked to a growing trend of high-end vehicle theft groups operating within the state. Recent trends suggest these break-ins may be part of a larger coordinated criminal effort.

In response to a disturbing pattern of suspects forcibly entering residences primarily to obtain vehicle fobs for luxury vehicles, such as BMWs (X5, X6, X7, M3), the Rahway Police Department wants to ensure the public remains informed and aware of how to protect themselves.

In one recent incident, Rahway police responded to a late-night report of suspicious activity, which was likely an attempted vehicle theft. The homeowner reported disturbances outside his home, and although no entry was made, a vehicle was seen leaving the area at high speed. Surveillance video captured several individuals exiting a vehicle and approaching a residence. While similar incidents have occurred in nearby areas, resident awareness and prompt reporting helped to prevent further thefts.

Police Director Nicholas Breiner and Chief Law Enforcement Officer Captain Shawn Ganley are monitoring these situations closely. In response to the increase in targeted criminal activities, investments have been made to further investigative efforts. The department continues to collaborate with local and county law enforcement agencies to address this critical issue.

The Rahway Police Department recognizes that effective crime prevention also requires community awareness and cooperation. We strongly urge all Rahway residents to remain vigilant and be proactive in securing their homes and vehicles. By improving home security systems, ensuring all potential entries are well-secured, and remaining watchful of suspicious activity, residents can significantly contribute to the safety of their community.

In response to these incidents, we urge all residents to adopt stringent security measures:

• Enhance Home Security: Ensure that all points of entry to your home, including doors and windows, are secure. Consider upgrading locks and installing a home security system with alarm and camera surveillance.
• Ensure Vehicle Security: Always park in well-lit areas, ensure your vehicle is locked, and never leave keys or fobs inside.
• Decrease Visibility of Valuables: Keep valuables, including vehicle keys and fobs, out of sight and away from windows.
• Remain Vigilant: Report any suspicious activity immediately to the Rahway Police Department.

We also encourage anyone in the community to provide any information that may assist in these investigations. Tips can be submitted anonymously by phone at 908-654-TIPS (8477) or online at; submission of tips made in this fashion that result in an arrest and indictment can be eligible for a reward of up to $10,000 via the Union County Crime Stoppers.

For direct inquiries, or to provide information that may aid in these investigations, please contact the Rahway Police Detective Bureau at 732-827-2110.

The Rahway Police Department remains committed to ensuring the safety and security of all residents and will continue to provide updates through our official website and social media channels

Banner Image: Car thieves in Rahway Ring Camera. Image Credit – City of Rahway Police Department 


City of Rahway/ Rahway Police Department

The history of Rahway begins with the settlements of Elizabethtown and Woodbridge. The early settlers of those places were the founders of Rahway which began as outlying acreage and plantations. The name "Rahwack" with several variants in spelling, appears to have been in use for this vicinity in very early days and is traditionally ascribed to an Indian chief who dwelt here. By the 18th century, Rahway consisted of four distinct communities: Upper Rahway, Bridge Town, or Lower Rahway, Leesville, and Milton. Throughout the War for Independence, Rahway was the scene of several skirmishes. In January 1777, the Battle of Spanktown, Rahway's most notable battle, was fought on St. Georges Avenue in the vicinity of the Union County Park. The battle lasted 12 hours, with the Americans getting the best of the British.

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  • Avatar Break 8 12 says:

    So the thugs know we have cameras.

    They wear head coverings and hoiodies. Gloves. Masks.
    Dark Glasses.

    You can see someone’s weight. Height. Gait.

    That’s all.

    I’d say be vigilant and if you see something, call the police. Don’t try to be the vigilante.

    But don’t let them enter your home, either.

    I assume they’re armed; they’re criminals, after all! So, don’t get in the middle of any of that.

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