Fl!p Circus Comes To Staten Island – Lots Of Fun For Everyone In The Family!


FL!P Circus, the creation of the Vasquez family, is on Staten Island for one final weekend, until April 10th. Staten Islander News Organization was invited to the circus on opening night, Friday, March 24th.


Their show is incredible, featuring really amazing aerial acts including acts on a single trapeze, acts using a scarf, and acts using straps, with acrobatics and on each.

This animal-free, human-only circus is a lot of fun for the whole family. Audience participation is a big part of the show, including the hilarious comedy routine at 17:01 with Stiv Bello and the audience. Stiv the clown and several other performers put the audience members together in a tangled way, at which point the ringmaster announces the intermission. Then the performers all leave the stage, with the four people still interconnected.

The crowd loved the acts, with many gasps and cheers during each of the performances. The juggler was amazing, able to do incredible feats with a piece of rope, two round objects, and a device that looked like a harp from which the juggling pieces could be bounced. The audience was entranced with his performance.

The Ukrainian performers were amazing, performing many acts including a dance together with a balancing and body-bending routine that was spectacular to watch.

The show was funny and serious at different times, with such an infective vibe of positivity and joy that it was easy to laugh and smile right along with the performers. The show itself was unlike anything I have ever seen. The circus was incredibly entertaining, and it is a highly recommended experience.

This year’s show features many new acts, and there are some returning favorites from last year’s show. However, this is the first time this circus has come to Staten Island, and hopefully they will pass this way again next year. The entire show was an unforgettable experience, and was a ton of fun. They will be here for one final weekend, until April 10th.

To get tickets, please visit flipcircus.com

Banner Image: FL!P Circus Video Banner. Image Credit – Staten Islander News



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