The Elemental Art of Kung-Fu: Incorporating Nature to Upgrade Your Human Life


You have probably seen some film in your lifetime where the protagonist, usually some societal outsider, begins studying with a wise hidden gem of a teacher (Sensei), which teaches the student how to unlock their true power and potential.

From “The Karate Kid” to “Kung-Fu Panda” to many Bruce Lee movies—the plotline of a sloppy dilettante rising the ranks to become an unstoppable force has always been a favorite motif of Hollywood to inspire and motivate our senses.

Kung-Fu has been around for thousands of years before Hollywood was ever materialized. Martial Arts Masters of the past and present know of the infinite wisdom that Nature holds within its boundless parameters, as well as how beneficial said wisdom is to incorporate into our day-to-day routines.

Have you ever seen a kangaroo jump, a cheetah run, an eagle fly, a snake strike, a jaguar pounce, a kingfisher dive, or a monkey swing from a tree? Nature knows what to do best for any given circumstance! No human athlete, no matter how genetically strong or juiced-out on chemicals, will ever come close to matching the NATURAL prowess of Nature!

So, how can we lowly humans learn from this vast and ever-growing great Sensei, i.e. Nature? We must have two things: discipline and imagination!

Imagine an organism that you fancy and mimic said being’s positive attributes; incorporate said natural movements into your always-growing spectrum of wonders. Do you desire to be strong and balanced? Become a Silverback! Get yourself into the high-plank (push-up) position, if it doesn’t negatively affect you in any way—try the push-up position on your knuckles just like a silverback would. Find balance; find comfort; find solace! Play around with your mind, body and your surroundings.

Do a few push-ups and FEEL your hormones assimilating to this new routine. Feel your body getting slightly stronger with each cumulative rep; connect your mind to your body—synapse-after-synapse perpetually connecting, patterning and complimenting your ultimate intention of getting stronger and/or better in some way. Feel your core as you lightly and naturally engage it; tighten your abs while squeezing your glutes and quads.

Balance again on your knuckles and feel the gravity showcasing its force; bond with the energetic magnetism of the gravity; harness the gravity in whatever way is idiosyncratic to you! Lift one leg up and hold yourself on your knuckles (or on your hands) and your second leg, stay in the push-up position; breathe deeply: slowly through your nose and gently out of your mouth. Lift the other leg up and try to balance on your knuckles (or hands), if you can’t just yet don’t worry, stay on one leg if you need to. Go on both legs now and tap your chest: one hand at a time, balancing on your feet and one arm at a time. Let out a little grunt! Each grunt is a little bit more of some dank juju that you release out of yourself.

Congratulations, your day is off to a great start! You played around with your endless imagination; you balanced yourself—figuratively and literally! You got stronger; you were proactive!

Play with, finesse and evolve with whatever new moves feel like they’re working for you. You are adding gem after gem into your ever-growing treasure trove! Why should you be stressed and worried? Play around with Infinity! Have fun and try something safe and new every day; always adding something to your ever-growing repertoires.

The Human body is a sponge, the mind is the Water. We are remarkably malleable little doohickeys. Law of Attraction, Karma/Kismet, Fate, Luck and Probability, whatever it is that “it” is that you wish to cognize “it” as: is a patterning into greater spectrums of perception. One’s caliber of skill, diligence, discipline and Integrity: is what elucidates one’s perception of the aforementioned Spectrum. Kudos to you; you’re evolving, Grasshoppa!

Banner Image:Practicing Kung Fu at sunset. Image Credit – Charlein Gracia


Andre Zemnovitsch

I have been a Certified Personal Trainer for almost 20 years. Training for some of the top boutique gyms in NYC and the Catskills, I have been honored to assist well over a thousand clients evolve not only their bodies but their minds to higher levels. I have dedicated my life to finding the most effective fitness techniques, herbs/plant medicines, exercise regimens, Martial Disciplines, scientific approaches and ancient wisdoms from the four corners of this wonderful World—to help myself and my fellow man live longer and better. I am the founder of High∞Chi Fitness—a soon-to-open revolutionary gym—where a medley of fitness Masters from around the globe will come together to work in harmony, collaboratively taking clients to their apex fitness levels. High∞Chi Fitness isn’t just a gym; it’s a way of life to assist the client to ride the trajectory of perpetual fitness evolution! Throughout my fitness journey: I have been blessed to learn from elite Martial Artists, esteemed Acupuncturists, Yoga Masters, Pilates pioneers, Zen Masters, and even real-deal Amazonian Shaman and Mystics. I have designed and instructed original and revolutionary fitness classes for some of the most illustrious centers and institutions on the East Coast—from the peaks of the Poconos to the Hamlets of the Hamptons. My successful classes place emphasis on Qigong breathing with Zen Visualization Exercises, alongside "Dynamic Meditations" juxtaposed with static techniques. I hybridize Ancient Eastern Techniques with the most up-to-date contemporary Westernized approaches: for total health and well-being and mind-body-connection. I have been fusing into my training regiments: the latest scientifically-backed advancements in fitness with a thousand years' worth of Martial Disciplines. I believe in a "best-of-all-worlds" approach to health and exercise, a best of East-meets-West, if you will. Via my training: I incorporate dexterity (hand-eye-coordination) alongside footwork, strength and conditioning, postural alignment strategies and physical therapy, breath∞work, mind-calming/elucidation strategies, visualization-manifestation methods, a variety of Martial Arts techniques, and a cornucopia of other important facets of mind-body enhancement. With all the aforementioned, I have found that this is the preferred way to follow THE WAY to optimized health and clarity of mind. My life is devoted to making your life better in every way! If you are interested in training, please send me a message via my email [email protected] or call me at 347.777.2584.

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