Sun Gaze And Chill To Start Your Day Off Right Without Blue Light


Editor’s Note: The medical consensus is that the practice of sun-gazing carries too high a risk of damage, and is not recommended by most medical practitioners.  It has, however, been practiced for thousands of years by various cultures, including Hindu culture. 

It’s no secret that we’re all creatures of habit and, sometimes (or oftentimes) our habits are detrimental to us! As soon as we wake-up in the morning and go on our smartphones (I’m guilty of doing this also), we are automatically giving ourselves and the trajectory of our day a disadvantage. Except for the fact that our retinal cells deteriorate from constant blue light exposure via smartphones and tablets, we are also screwing up our precious circadian rhythms.

I had written an article a few weeks back regarding the importance of “starting one’s day off on the right foot.” I’ve spoken about how beneficial it is to capitalize on one’s shifting momentum—from that magical sequence of perception which transpires when one situates themselves out of the dreamscape and into waking reality. When someone delves headfirst into that black mirror—that succubus screen—their hormones start to go-off into a rather unfavorable flux.

You might’ve noticed that your energy levels aren’t what they should be—even after your morning cup or three of coffee; you may take all of the appropriate vitamins and do the beneficial yoga stretches, yet, you still have that lingering cloud of malaise hanging over you as the day unfolds itself. Am I suggesting not being on the phone at all? Nope; nowadays that’s all but impossible unless you become a hermit and go off the grid. I’m suggesting making a little modification…

As you wake-up and go through your prayers, intentions and/or meditations of gratitude for your proactively-planned day ahead: go out and gently look into the Sun for a few seconds before you go on your phone! The act of meditating with the Sun is colloquially referred to as “Sun gazing”, which is a practice that has been around for millennia. Many of those who practice this technique reap the benefits of absorbing natural power into themselves; there are numerous physical and psychological benefits to practicing gazing into the Sun every day, including being more energetic, sleeping better (because the practice resets the circadian rhythm), and lowering one’s stress.

So, how does one Sun gaze properly?

According to, “yes, staring into the sun can cause harmful damage because of the UV rays. That’s why there are only certain hours of the day where you can practice safe sun gazing – 30 minutes during sunrise and 30 minutes before sunset.

If you happen to stare at the sun when the UV index is higher, you may suffer from different eye conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration, photokeratitis (sunburned cornea), solar retinopathy (retina burn), and pinguecula or pterygium which affects the sclera or the white part of the eye. You are also at risk of eye cancer because of too much sun exposure.

If you suffer from any of these eye conditions, you should seek immediate treatment. If not, you can get your eyes permanently damaged.

You would therefore want to avoid sun-gazing in the middle of the day – as there is a risk of obtaining significant damage to your retina…

Schedule sun gazing within 30 minutes during sunrise and another 30 minutes before sunset. During these times the UV index is at its lowest level. Thus, it is safe for the eyes to stare at the sun. They are also ideal to start and end your day right.

Choose an ideal spot where you are in a direct hit of the sun’s rays. You can go to an open area or a higher ground. But we would stay away from the roof.

If possible, do it on the beach, on a grass plain, or anywhere with soil ground. Some sun gazers believe that being barefooted can make the result more effective as you are more connected to nature.

Standing in an open area where you can have a better view of the sun is not enough if you do sun gazing while wearing eyeglasses or a contact lens. The glass or the lens may filter the sun’s rays.

In the same way, make sure you are not also behind any window glass panes.

Sungazing requires direct eye contact with the sun, so make sure nothing will block off your vision.

If it is your first time sun gazing, stare into the sun for at least 10 seconds. Over time, you can increase your time by 10 to 15 minutes. Just make sure you are not exceeding 30 minutes.

If you pass the sunrise, the UV index will increase; whilst at sunset, there is not enough light to gaze at.

Again, do not sun gaze in the middle of the day.

 As soon as you stare at the sun and you find it too bright, you can change your focus to it by 15 degrees on either side.

If you feel that your eyes are slowly adjusting to the brightness, you can slowly focus on the sun again. You should also relax and blink from time to time to avoid getting your eyes strained.

In case it is cloudy, and the sun is hiding, you can still practice sun gazing. Try to locate the position of the sun where it is hiding behind the clouds and stare at it. The benefits you will receive will remain the same.’

Imagine how amazing it is that you’ll feel after making this magical transition—instead of starting your day off with parasitic blue light energy—to absorbing limitless natural, vitality-bolstering Cosmic Mojo! Shine on you, crazy diamonds!

Banner Image: Staring at the sun. Image Credit – Ralph (Ravi) Kayden


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